Practice Support Services

Interface Clinical Services offer clinicians and patients support remotely via our Head Office team based in Leeds.

Whether our partners in primary care are looking to improve patient outcomes, support patient compliance and education or improve practice procedures, efficiencies and income; Interface can help without needing to be on site. This offers benefits in terms of time and cost efficiencies, without sacrificing the high quality services that practices are accustomed to.

Practice Support Services

Practice Support Services

Patient Support

Interface can support patients remotely by telephone, email or via a smartphone app. We can help identify cohorts of patients who represent a high cost or time burden to the practice and offer support accordingly. If your patients are on high cost medications, medications with a large side effect profile or complex regimes, Interface can make sure they get the best outcomes and report back to the practice on concordance, compliance and symptom-scoring data.

Priority Patient Identification

Interface can remotely identify patients who, for example, are at risk of stroke or fracture or indeed any condition that is currently a priority. We can highlight patients who are over 75 with multiple medications and co-morbidities for pharmacist-led medication reviews. Our searches can find patients who have conditions that we know to be a high burden to practices or who are using appliances and meters that are non-standard, non-formulary and not cost effective. Once these patients are identified, Interface can provide tools to support their review and treatment. This support might be a one-step FRAX assessment or CHADS2-VASc scoring tool, all the way through to direct pharmacist support on the phone or on site.

QOF Prevalence

Interface have invested 2,000 hours developing an intelligent suite of clinician-designed searches which identify patients who are not on disease registers but could, and perhaps should, be. Our IT experts have then created an easy to understand and implement report which builds a picture of each patient using medications, read codes, clinical indicators and diagnostic markers. One of our QOF pharmacists attends for a day to help implement the report and will leave a training legacy that the practice will reap the rewards from for years to come.

We can accurately estimate the additional income this service will generate for your practice, normally around £2,500 per 1,000 list size, and the potential patient benefit is immeasurable. Find out more about our QOF Enhancement Service.

CQC Pre-inspection

Interface run searches remotely that mimic the CQC Intelligent Monitoring report, which allows us to support practices, from a data perspective, with the most likely areas that an inspector will focus on. Using your data, we can provide a professional PowerPoint presentation that can be used immediately upon welcoming your inspector on the big day.

Our CQC report also provides an enviable audit trail that also makes the most of the good work you will have done in preparation.

Case Study

Improving QOF Prevalence and Income

A practice purchased the Interface QOF Enhancement Service to improve disease prevalence, ensure that patient care was optimised and practice revenue was maximised.

A bespoke set of clinician designed searches were run on the practice clinical system to highlight potential patients missing from the registers. A benchmarking report was generated for the practice to illustrate levels of QOF prevalence and income.

Service Outcomes

  • There were 623 patients identified to be included onto the QOF clinical registers representing 8% of the total practice population and an additional annual QOF income of £26,000. This included:
    • Heart Failure – 81% increase in register size with an annualised value of £6,211.
    • Osteoporosis – 80% increase in register size, with an annualised value of £1,427.
    • Dementia – 15% increase in register size, with an annualised value of £1,022.

70% of these patients were already receiving appropriate clinical care and simply needed a QOF data-set read code assigned in order to put them on the register. 

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