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David, Practice Manager, West Suffolk

I am very happy to recommend the Interface Clinical Services QOF review service. The extracts worked well and simply and the report followed not long after, which was an achievement. With very nearly 23,000 patients the report ran to 157 pages.
The report is well presented and in an instantly usable format, with an overview from which potential income can be identified on register-by-register basis, making the cost-benefit exercise very easy. The patients-within-register report can be used by staff immediately to identify patients who might be included on a register.
We did this with the help of a QOF expert pharmacist, Victoria, attending for a QOF consultancy day and staff found this to be a very useful and informative activity (we have non-clinical administrative staff each responsible for several registers). Identifying those who needed a decision from a clinician was generally swift, and forwarding a patient note (we use EMIS Web) to the clinician while you are in the record is a simple matter.
Anticipating the workload that inevitably comes out of any activity involving a large list and wanting to use this as a training exercise too, I bought an additional QOF consultancy day. During those two days we laid the foundations for a programme of work cleansing our data. Even when quality is good, you want it to be better. Victoria was very knowledgeable, familiar with our system and the ways of non-compliant patients and clinicians, and an enthusiast.
As an example, we added the following diagnoses:
         14 – Dementia
         42 – Osteoporosis
           5 – Mental Health
         12 – AF
In total, we coded sufficient numbers of patients to immediately add over £8K to QOF prevalence income. This is likely to increase well into double figures before the end of the financial year and has paid their fees more than twice-over.
This is a worthwhile exercise even if you think you are good at identifying and accurately coding disease and it is good for your team.

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