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Jodie, Practice Manager, Grantham

"The QOF report was easy to understand, showing clearly the patients that were already meeting indicators. We were doing most of the work already, and just hadn’t coded our patients appropriately.
The Interface Clinical Services QOF consultancy day was extremely beneficial. We set aside 45 minutes at the start of the day with me, the Interface pharmacist and one of our GPs. The pharmacist is clearly an expert in this field. He was able to explain the clinical rationale of each domain and was familiar with all of the diagnostic markers and clinical indicators that meant patients were suitable for register inclusion. With GP time at a premium his knowledge to screen/case find was really impressive.

All clinical domains have financial value. Some have lower financial value and high numbers of patients. For us it made sense to work through all the domains. With the knowledge provided, we now have a better understanding of QOF and received some practical hints and tips to help them with coding in general.
On the day, we were able to add on 60% of the identified patients.  326 patients are now on disease registers that weren’t previously. We enjoy working with Interface to audit/refresh our registers to help identify more patients. The uplift in reported prevalence will earn us over £7,000 this year and £14000 over 2 years"


Assistant Business Manager, Gateshead

Our Interface Pharmacist, was a pleasure to work with. She guided us effortlessly through our QOF day and ensured that we got the most out of it. She worked closely with all members of staff involved with the process, so as well as helping us boost our QOF income, everyone felt that they had enhanced their coding & QOF knowledge which will be beneficial for the future.


Julie, Office Manager, Cockermouth

On the day the Pharmacist was very informative,  encouraging & helpful, she explained everything in great detail to members of staff involved, answered everyone's questions and was very reassuring. Advised on best practice and how to achieve better results, we learned so much and there was nothing she didn't know!

Dr Jeffery, GP Partner, Bradford

"As a practice we have had an excellent experience of working with the team at Interface services.  Their process of patient collection and identification highlighted a number of specific areas we could work on to improve both our clinical effectiveness and cost efficiency. The experience and expertise their team brought meant this was achieved with minimal impact to our practice. I would strongly recommend this to all practices."

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