About Us

2004 saw the launch of NHS foundation trusts and The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF); it was also the year Michael Drakard realised just how valuable pharmacists were to the NHS, particularly when utilising their clinical skills within the primary care setting. So he set-up a company to offer just that, and Interface Clinical Services Ltd was born.

Why Interface Clinical Services?

About Us

Whilst a lot has changed since 2004, one thing has remained a constant- pharmacists’ clinical knowledge and expertise has remained central to every aspect of Interface and the services we deliver. Interface remains the only organisation in the UK healthcare sector to capitalise on this unique skill-set with a fully employed, nationwide team of clinical pharmacists.

In 2017, Interface delivered around 6,200 clinical reviews, remote services and patient facing clinics throughout the UK. And in stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation (AF) alone, Interface pharmacists highlighted and recommended over 6,500 previously untreated patients for treatment.  This potentially saved the NHS £14.7 million and prevented over 430 patients from suffering severe life-affecting symptoms.

Interface have extensive experience in establishing medicine and treatment pathways across multiple therapy areas, supported by IT system knowledge and detailed data capability, all of which combine to enhance both customer and patient experience of our service.

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