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Dr Bhatti, Essex

We were very pleased with the outcome of the Interface Clinical Services QOF Enhancement Service. The ICS pharmacist, working with our practice manager and one of the partners, focused on those domains with the highest clinical and financial impact and generated over £8,000 worth of additional QOF income from 119 patients on the day of the
visit alone.

Given that we had a guarantee that the cost would be refunded if the savings found did not at least equal this, there is absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain. For the team here,
this was a ‘no brainer’.

We utilised the pharmacist consultancy day to focus mainly on the domains of high financial value. We have now been able to work through the rest at our own pace, and I believe the
total increase in income that we will see for the current QOF year to be in excess of £12,000. For a no-risk investment, this is a fantastic return.

Dr Carpenter, GP, Essex

The Interface Clinical Services QOF consultancy day was extremely beneficial. Naturally, we had concerns about the work involved in not only adding patients to the register but also making sure they met the indicators thereafter. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the Interface report was easy to understand, showing clearly the patients that were already meeting indicators. We were doing most of the work already, and just hadn’t reported this correctly.
The pharmacist employed by Interface was clearly an expert in this field. He was able to explain the clinical rationale of each domain and was familiar with all of the diagnostic markers and clinical indicators that meant patients were suitable for register inclusion. With GP time at a premium, this really minimised any case finding that was required and all of our clinicians were impressed.
The pharmacist was equally adept at training our non-clinical staff, communicating clearly and effectively in an easy to understand manner. Some clinical domains have lower financial value and high numbers of patients, so it made sense to have our coders work through these cohorts. Our coders now have a better understanding of QOF and received some practical hints and tips to help them with coding in general.
In a single day, we were able to add almost 50% of the identified patients, and plan to work through the rest in our own time. 413 patients are now on disease registers that weren’t previously, making them more visible to us and more likely to receive the care they need. As a happy coincidence, the uplift in reported prevalence will earn us over £15,000 this year and every year that QOF continues in It’s current guise.

Ailsa, Practice Manager, Cheshire

Working with Interface team has been a great pleasure.The pharmacist has been able to share her wide spectrum of invaluable
knowledge and expertise both within the Practice teams and with Diabetes patients alike. The Practice Diabetes Nursing, Doctors and Admin team
have found her very helpful, enthusiastic and proactive.

Other review work incorporated AF and a vast amount of work on QOF. Collectively, this has enabled us to significantly improve the quality of care
to these patients, as well as reaching maximum QOF points on a number of areas for the year. Feedback from patients has been very positive from the

Halina, Practice Manager, Manchester

The Practice has recently engaged Interface Clinical Services to carry out a QOF ‘health check’ following an earlier piece of work they carried out which highlighted that our prevalence was under reported across many clinical domains. Interface produced a (78 page!) QOF Enhancement Report detailing patients in clinical domains where important codes were missing and patients had not been added to the appropriate diseaseregisters. A Clinical Pharmacist from Interface attended the Practice for a day to explain the findings of the report and to train a small team of coders and 1 of the GP Partners who is the Practice’s QOF  lead.

The pharmacist trained 2 Receptionists and myself to identify whether patients could be added to certain disease registers and to code appropriately. The face to face training and subsequent sense and accuracy checking was easy to follow and the pharmacist was available throughout the sessions to answer all queries. I was very impressed by her knowledge of the subject and her ability to communicate effectively across all professional grades.

The maximum potential income identified through this exercise is £34,000 but more important was the review work of patients that took place alongside the coding and the availability of a GP to discuss individual patient and medicines queries with the pharmacist .


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