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Alison, Practice Manager, Leicester

As you know, we were rather sceptical about whether the service would benefit our Practice and patients, or not (having tried other companies who run similar
services in the past). I am now more than happy to recommend you and your company’s services to other Practices, as we felt they were:-
• Clearly described to us.
• Simple to understand on the day.
• Professional, in listening to our desires for working through patients records to update QOF registers.
• Timely, in responding to queries that we raised.
• Effective, as gave us the results we were expecting to achieve.

Since you have left, we have been working through the reports in a methodical manner during the summer break, and will wish to have a refresh, at the end of
August to see the impact that the service has made, since you left us, as we were already pleased with the results we obtained on the day!

Dr Wallis, Senior Partner, Warwickshire

This is the second time we have had Interface here at our practce.  As normal we have found the Interface searches very useful, this time we highlighted coding issues and a trend on
summarising our new notes. Each time there has been something useful to gain. Within a few hours we have recouped the money it cost us in adding patients to
various registers. We are consistently a high achiever with QOF and enjoy working with Interface to expand our registers to help catch more patients.
The pharmacist who has visited us on both occasions is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We thank him very much.

Dr Bolarum, GP, Leicestershire

Great Service. We found the consultation day very beneficial and a must have! We managed to work through 90% of the patients on the day and managed to recoup our investment 6
fold. I recommend to all practices.

Dr Bhatti, Essex

We were very pleased with the outcome of the Interface Clinical Services QOF Enhancement Service. The ICS pharmacist, working with our practice manager and one of the partners, focused on those domains with the highest clinical and financial impact and generated over £8,000 worth of additional QOF income from 119 patients on the day of the
visit alone.

Given that we had a guarantee that the cost would be refunded if the savings found did not at least equal this, there is absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain. For the team here,
this was a ‘no brainer’.

We utilised the pharmacist consultancy day to focus mainly on the domains of high financial value. We have now been able to work through the rest at our own pace, and I believe the
total increase in income that we will see for the current QOF year to be in excess of £12,000. For a no-risk investment, this is a fantastic return.

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