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Practice Manager, Manchester

The pharmacist was an excellent clinician who involved the GPs at the practice and understood what they wanted to achieve and improved the overall patient care.The clinics ran smoothly and 35 patients attended, they had all received letters prior to the clinic and an allotted time slot. All patients were seen on time and the surgeries ran alongside the GP surgeries without any problems. An excellent service by a true professional.

GP, Middlesex

The pharmacist visited our practice to review some of our asthma patients. She was punctual and ran her clinics to time.  She was highly knowledgeable in asthma management. She was polite and courteous to all the patients and staff. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to any other practice.

Practice Manager, Southampton

The pharmacists were thoroughly professional and exceptionally organised in their approach to the clinics. It is refreshing to see how allied health professionals can assist us with patient care, and the clinics were extremely efficient. They also had the huge advantage of helping us towards our QOF targets at minimal cost to the practice, so I would have no hesitation in recommending the service to other practices.

GP, Lincolnshire

The Interface COPD review is based on latest guidance that stratify patients in line with GOLD 2017 and support our QOF achievement.  The clinics were well attended and patients were happy with the recommendations made and the opportunity to discuss their respiratory health; I was surprised that 52% of patients that attended the COPD clinics were unable to effectively use their inhaler previously. The Interface pharmacist worked closely with our COPD nurse to create an educational legacy for our practice and patients going forward.  Overall we found the review very beneficial.

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