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Dr Agrawal, GP, Wolverhampton

Our Practice has always struggled to achieve the highest level of diabetes control across our patient population. This has been owing to multiple reasons some of which are beyond our control. As a result, the aims of this project were aligned to the Practice needs (better diabetic control amongst patients) and the local Clinical Commissioning Group agenda.
The entire process was smooth, efficient and effective. The pharmacist had all the tools to quickly filter out all the patients that currently have suboptimal diabetes control and provide us with a meaningful report as opposed to the usual list of names the EMIS system generates.
The pharmacist then wrote to all these patients (Over 170 in total) inviting them to a Diabetes Therapy Optimisation clinic set up at the Practice. Included within the service was the ability for him to test the patient’s HBa1c while they were being consulted and act upon the result immediately. The pharmacist then provisionally and mutually agreed the treatment plan which was then finalised on discussion with the General Practitioner.
The feedback from patients was excellent. They liked the pharmacist’s manner and ability to tailor the improved treatment plan around their needs. The staff got on well with him too which is always a bonus. Although it is too early to appreciate the exact benefit I have no doubt we will see greater control within our diabetic population.
I personally enjoyed working with the pharmacist over the 4 days he was with us. His wealth of knowledge on diabetes and the current guidelines is advantageous. Through this, confidence was gained in prescribing medications that we would normally refer into secondary care for. What he achieved in 4 days would have taken us several weeks at significant time, cost and resources. We now have a head start on the year to come. This really demonstrated the benefits clinically trained pharmacist’s can bring, to treating patients with chronic diseases and subsequently, ease
the pressure on General Practice.

Ailsa, Practice Manager, Cheshire

Working with Interface team has been a great pleasure.The pharmacist has been able to share her wide spectrum of invaluable
knowledge and expertise both within the Practice teams and with Diabetes patients alike. The Practice Diabetes Nursing, Doctors and Admin team
have found her very helpful, enthusiastic and proactive.

Other review work incorporated AF and a vast amount of work on QOF. Collectively, this has enabled us to significantly improve the quality of care
to these patients, as well as reaching maximum QOF points on a number of areas for the year. Feedback from patients has been very positive from the

Dr Williams, GP, Northamptonshire

We have been working with an anticoagulant support pharmacist from Interface Clinical Services (ICS) with the aim to optimise anticoagulant therapy and reduce stroke risk in patients with atrial fibrillation.
The ICS pharmacist who managed the project identified the following groups of patients with AF:
• Currently not anticoagulated with a moderate – high stroke risk (male patients with a CHA2DS2-VASc ≥ 1 or female patients with a CHA2DS2-VASc ≥2)
• Currently poorly controlled on warfarin; with a time in therapeutic range calculated as below 65% over at least the last six months
One of the main benefits of the service is that the ICS pharmacist then led clinics with appropriate patients to discuss their anticoagulation options; be it initiation of or transition to Direct Oral Anticoagulant (DOAC) therapy. Prescribing decisions were fully under my control and authorisation and carried out with optimum safety. The ICS pharmacist provided full counselling and education to each patient.
The ICS pharmacist became an integrated member of the team, with all our GPs referring appropriate patients to her for review and our lesser experienced GPs using her as a point of contact for DOAC queries. The amount of clinician time this has saved for us has been of great benefit to the practice. I would be very happy to recommend this service to any GP practice who is keen to ensure that their AF patients are optimally managed.

Lynsey, Practice Manager, Lincolnshire

Having a relatively large Diabetic register the work carried out by Interface has been very extremely beneficial and has assisted the practice in reviewing patients for HbA1c control and their regular monitoring regimes in line with NICE guidelines. They work as part of the practice team and communicate effectively with staff and patients.

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