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Michelle, Practice Nurse, South Cheshire

Over the last few months an Interface pharmacist has been working with the clinical team, looking at how improvements can be made at the surgery with the asthma register. She has an excellent understanding and knowledge of the respiratory system and her skills have been outstanding in helping asthma patients maximise their control. All this help was much appreciated from me and the nursing team as any help towards QOF is valued. The extra help from Interface has released the nursing team for more available appointments that are always in great demand in a busy surgery.  The pharmacist was approachable and fitted in well with the team, a lovely person to have around and nothing was any trouble it has been a pleasure working with her and I would definitely recommend this service. 

Jane, Practice Nurse, Cheshire

Our practice recently engaged with services from Interface looking at adult asthma patients with a view to optimising therapy.
The pharmacist conducted asthma clinics with patients and discussed any changes in treatment with me afterwards.  I was very impressed by her depth of knowledge & communication skills with both patients and staff within the practice.  During her piece of work she managed to step patients down as per BTS guidance thus improving patient care and reducing cost long term.  I would not hesitate to recommend Interface as a very useful service.

Jane, Practice Manager, Machester

I would like to advise that we have been dealing with Interface Clinical Services since the start of 2017.  In that time, the pharmacist has been here on several occasions, firstly to look at our Qof figures and particularly our prevalence. Through the work that she has done, we earnt more money for QOF than we had anticipated, mainly due to not having enough patients on our disease registers and the missing patients being identified and added to the appropriate registers they should have been on all along.
Apart from QOF, the pharmacist has been with us for Audits and Reviews for our Atrial Fibrillation patients, our Diabetics and is currently working on our Asthma patients – reviewing their medication, giving them advice, and support.  All the patients are very pleased with the service they have been given. 
Also, while remaining in contact with and discussing appropriate clinical governance with our lead GP, the impact on his time and that of the admin team has been minimal.
Getting Interface Involved with our service would be classed as a big win.

Dr Kazi, GP, West Yorkshire

We were very impressed with the pharmacist’s efficiency and clear knowledge of such an important clinical subject, and we have had great feedback from the patients that attended the asthma clinics. We would gladly have you back to more work for us.

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